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Inspiration From a Stunning Tabby and White Cat


I made the pattern for these Dizzy Izzy Kitty cat dolls a while ago and love their sweet little faces with pink noses and cute button eyes. Inspiration came from our own adorable cat family.

We adopted our first cat in the summer of 2003.  I remember it so well as the beginning of 2003 hadn’t been good for us.  We had recently lost my beautiful mum and then I was diagnosed with breast cancer just a couple of months afterwards.

Also because of my health issues and Mr J’s work commitments we’d had to find a new loving home for our boxer dog Meg. We found that we couldn’t give her the walks she needed and the attention she deserved. It seemed the most kind and sensible thing to do at the time.

It was so quiet without Meg and we all missed having a pet around the house so we considered the idea of getting a cat. After doing a bit of research we decided to adopt a cat from Cats Protection where there were many cats needing a new home.

It was the start of the school summer holidays and the boys and I excitedly drove the 19 miles to visit a lovely lady who was fostering three cats … and there she was … our Lulu!


It was love at first sight, well it was for me anyway, the boys were distracted by a playful little cat called Scratchy!  Lulu however, who was 4 years old, was just sitting quietly and it struck me how beautiful she was with her pink nose and tabby and white colouring. She was the one.

After filling in the necessary paperwork we had to wait a few days for approval before she could come home. When the day arrived she immediately hid behind the sofa and that’s where she was when Mr J came home from work.  He took one peek and I could see by his face that he was smitten.

She soon settled in and she loved plenty of cuddles……


….. sleeping, eating (a lot!) and exploring outdoors.

She was the perfect first cat and she eased us in gently for the arrival of Izzy two years later…..


…. and then George two years after that!


Our lovely Lulu crossed over Rainbow Bridge four years ago now. She was very special and came into our lives at the right time, just when we needed her. She’ll always be in our hearts. 💕


June x

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