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A Crafty Robin Redbreast with Personality!

I love to see Robins at this time of year with their orangey-red breasts and cute little faces. For me it’s a sign that Christmastime is here and I start to feel all festive.

Robins can be seen all year round in the UK, not just at Christmas and can be spotted in woodlands, parks and gardens. They love to sing all year round too and can be often heard whistling a happy tune, especially at night next to street lights. RSPB

I designed a simple pdf pattern to make some of these lovely birds. They are so quick and easy to create and certainly have bags of personality.


All you need to make them is a small amount of brown, red and white felt, cotton thread, polyester stuffing and a couple of brads for the eyes. I added one or two craft feathers to make a tail but they work just as well without and are just as cute.

They make lovely gift toppers for family and friends and look gorgeous hanging on the Christmas tree too.

You can find the pattern HERE.

Happy sewing!

       June x





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